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The Florida Writer Podcast

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Mar 22, 2019

Book Doctor Bobbie Christmas has been a professional editor for 45 years. She founded Zebra Communications in 1992 specifically to edit books, and her company is still going strong. She’s the author of an award-winning book on creative writing titled Write In Style and has also written other helpful books for writers. Her “Ask the Book Doctor” column appears in many periodicals for writers. The Zebra Communications website is, and Bobbie’s email address is

Bobbie Christmas

#Editing #Manuscript  

0:20 About Bobbie Christmas

0:43 How the Book Doctor Began

1:23 Origin of the Name

3:00 What to Know About Being an Editor

4:15 Who Needs Editing?

5:03 Editor Horror Story

7:03 How Long It Takes

8:20 Multiple Rounds of Edits?

9:20 What to put in Reports

10:23 How to Make a How-To Page Turner

11:08 Pet Peeve

13:00 Words to Avoid

14:12 Rapid Fire