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The Florida Writer Podcast

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Apr 9, 2022

As a casual observation, conspiracy thriller author Henry Cox realized that most book clubs members are women and that many book clubs shy away from selecting thrillers as a genre. He also noticed that women enjoy reading thrillers. To entice book clubs to read his books, he suggests a wine and beer pairing based on his personal favorites. In this Florida Writer Podcast conversation, host Alison Nissen and Henry chat about zinfandels, porter beer, writing conspiracy thrillers, and Amazon. 

As an accidental author, Henry wrote two thriller novels: Deceit of the Soul (2020) and Deceit of the Earth (2021).
His first book was written in three weeks during March 2020, speculating about the origins of COVID 19 to fill gaps for questions not being asked or answered. Early readers were amazed that so much of the story seemed almost prophetic, as some of the media and researchers eventually began to dig a little deeper.

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