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The Florida Writer Podcast

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May 20, 2024

Florida Writer Podcast Host Alison Nissen chats with Edward DiGangi about his memoir, The Gift Best Given, a son's search and mother's journey, a timeless story of adoption, search, discovery, and reunion set against the backdrop of the glamorous ice skating shows of the 1940s. Edward shares how his hunt for clues about his adoption opened doors to a compelling story about his birth mother, who hid her pregnancy from the world. “Like a jigsaw puzzle, every story is made up of pieces; big ones, smaller ones, pieces not easily found, tiny and hiding, essential to complete the picture.”

Edward Di Gangi is a retired customer service executive who lives in Hillsborough, North Carolina with his wife, Linda. Di Gangi was adopted at the time of his birth, and his first book, The Gift Best Given: A Memoir, recounts his late-adulthood search for the identity of his birth mother and the unexpected discoveries he made during the course of his journey.

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