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The Florida Writer Podcast

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Jul 16, 2022

Does that blank piece of paper scare you? Do you consistently put off working on your Work In Progress?

Learn how to turn that blank page into something that no longer has weight over you with Procrastination Coach Dr. Christine Li’s advice in this edition of the Florida Writer Podcast with host Alison Nissen.

Dr. Christine Li has been working as a New York-based clinical psychologist for the past 20 years; more recently, she has been taking her work online as the “Procrastination Coach.” She helps people who are struggling with underperforming at work and at home to work smoothly and with high levels of productivity. Her unique coaching process is a blend of mindset strategy, time and emotion management tips, and a deep belief in the power we each have when we treat ourselves with love and good self-care. Dr. Li is the author of the book “5-Minute Self-Discipline Exercises: Stay Motivated, Cultivate Good Habits, and Achieve Your Goals” and the host of the podcast “Make Time for Success.” Follow Dr. Li to learn how to ditch the guilt, judgment, and self-sabotaging and unhelpful habits so that you can feel focused and fulfilled in your life!

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