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The Florida Writer Podcast

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May 24, 2019

A native of Southern California, Paul Linzey is a former pastor, military chaplain, and college professor. After completing the MFA in Creative Writing, Paul designed the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing degree program at Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL. Still an adjunct professor at SEU, he is a member of several writing associations, and a speaker at conferences and seminars.
He has written articles for religious and military magazines and served as an editor and writer for Life Publishers’ the Warriors Bible, which was published in 2014. His first book, titled WisdomBuilt Biblical Principles of Marriage, was published in February 2019, and his second book, Safest Place in Iraq, is based on his experiences in Iraq as an Army chaplain and should be completed by the end of May 2019. His blog articles can be found at
Interests include digital photography, playing the trumpet, watching movies and plays, sports, and traveling with his wife. One fact about him that not a lot of people know is that he completed professional training for driving school buses, 2 ½ and 5-ton trucks, high-speed performance cars, and motorcycles. He is licensed for inland waterways boating and spent one awesome morning flying a plane under the watchful care of his brother-in-law, who is a flight trainer. He loves to drive—anything!