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The Florida Writer Podcast

Welcome to The Florida Writer Podcast: A Discussion about Writing & Other Things brought to you by the Florida Writers Association. 

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Feb 28, 2022

In this Florida Writer Podcast, host Alison Nissen talks with JM Tompkins, the Atlanta Self-Publishing Conference Chair about some simple strategies for writers from proof of concept to outsourcing to marketing. The nuts and bolts of writing is tricky but with help, very rewarding. 

J. M. Tompkins started her own publishing company and began focusing on her true passions. As an author, she first published at the age of sixteen, had a popular poetry blog, published in several magazines, and began working on what would become the Habitual Humanity Series in 2012. She finally took the plunge in 2019 to begin publishing her books.

The Atlanta Self-Publishing Conference brings to you professionals from both the foundations of business and craft to help you unlock the secrets of success.