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The Florida Writer Podcast

Welcome to The Florida Writer Podcast: A Discussion about Writing & Other Things brought to you by the Florida Writers Association. 

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Feb 6, 2022

On this edition of the Florida Writer Podcast, host Alison Nissen chats with Tamian Wood about the 3 biggest mistakes Do-It-Yourselfers make when designing their own books covers. Listen, learn, and enjoy--and check out her beautiful creations at
Tamian Wood has been creating book covers that sell for over 25 years. Her cover design clients include several publishing houses and a growing number of independent authors.

As a digital artist, she specializes in melding art, photography and special effects together to create a unique, 
custom cover for each project. She also creates beautiful interior design, layout and formatting for her cover design clients.
Tamian works in a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction genres, including fantasy, sci-fi, YA, historical fiction, literary fiction, murder/mystery, horror, self-help, spiritual, business and metaphysical topics, to name a few.