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The Florida Writer Podcast

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Jan 6, 2020

As an educator, Wendy Samford, Ph.D. has a background in business and education and wrote her first book “Out of the Dark: A Direction for Change in Education” which led to a second book, “Creating a Culture of Support for Teacher Leaders: A Vision for Change and Hope.”  

Recently, she felt called to write a book about her daughter-in-law and her life growing up in the “system” of foster care, group homes, and lock-up facilities.  The book, “Bloom Where Planted” by Winifred Grace and Ava McCarthy (pseudonyms), is filled with sadness and humor, defeat and tenacity, neglect and perseverance. Bloom Where Planted won Silver in Published Catch-all category and Gold in the LBGTQ+ category in the 2019 Royal Palm Literary Awards. Discover more at