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The Florida Writer Podcast

Welcome to The Florida Writer Podcast: A Discussion about Writing & Other Things brought to you by the Florida Writers Association. 

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Oct 7, 2023

Lana McAra has discovered how to market her books with impact by embedding her life’s purpose into her stories in subtle ways—and sell books at the same time. In this Florida Writer Podcast, host Alison Nissen chats with Lana on how you, too, can use her technique to create a bond with audiences to sell more books and make an impact by asking “what do I love” and “how can I help?”   

Lana McAra is an award-winning, international best-selling author and ghostwriter of 43 titles through traditional publishing with a million books sold. She won The Christy Award for her historical novel Reaping the Whirlwind and her mystery series, Colorado, sold more than 250,000 copies. She has been teaching how to write fiction for 20 years.