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The Florida Writer Podcast

Welcome to The Florida Writer Podcast: A Discussion about Writing & Other Things brought to you by the Florida Writers Association. 

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Dec 22, 2023

Curious about the mind of a Royal Palm Literary Award judge? In this Florida Writer Podcast, host Alison Nissen and Chet Meisner chat about things that make a winning entry. Chet explains that the audience needs to know how characters feel. What experience did that have and what keeps them going? If your protagonist is sad, what type of sad are they? Show us what's in their head!  

Chet Meisner calls himself a geographical mutt. Born in Wisconsin, raised in South Florida, lived briefly in Alabama, he moved back to Miami, met, and married Peri and relocated to Atlanta where we spent two and a half decades and raised three wonderful children. After ten years in Tampa, he’s now living in North Carolina.

Chet is a traditionally published author and playwright, advertising copywriter, database and data mining expert, AI enthusiast. He is a five-time RPLA Writing Competition judge, and has been awarded multiple writing recognitions.

His latest book D.I.T.T.O. is a 2019 RPLA winner and available on Amazon.

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