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The Florida Writer Podcast

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Aug 19, 2023

Sex sells. So does erotica. In this Florida Writer Podcast, host Alison Nissen chats with Dr. J. Donna Jennings, Ph.D., a retired sex therapist and author who not only writes in this lucrative field but coaches others on how to write quality, steamy romance. Need I say more?

Dr. J. Donna Jennings, Ph.D. (she, her) is a retired sex therapist and college human sexuality professor (FSU & TCC) now an author, and editor. In her 47 th year in the sexuality field, she continues her mission to empower others to embrace their sexuality holistically. Her fiction, nonfiction and editing projects embody this belief. She is an editor for Rosy, a sexual wellness platform for women. Dr. J. hosts two podcasts, The Sexuality Space and Purple Sex & Erotic Whims. Her latest book, Purple Sex & Love Beyond Your Dreams: A Women’s Journal to Explore Your Sexual Self from Orange Blossom Publishing is out on August 15, 2023. Charlotte the Pirate Queen will be out in Sexy Strangers with Cleis Press on September 12, 2023.