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The Florida Writer Podcast

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Mar 29, 2019

Peter Meinke was the first Poet Laureate of St. Petersburg, and now is Poet Laureate of Florida.  His most recent book is “Tasting Like Gravity”, (2018, U. of Tampa Press). 

He’s published eight collections in the prestigious Pitt Poetry Series, and his book of essays, “To Start With, Feel Fortunate,” received the 2017 William Meredith Award. 

“The Piano Tuner,” a collection of short stories, received the 1986 Flannery O’Connor Award.  He’s won awards from the NEA, PSA, and Fulbright organizations, and has given readings throughout America, including at the Library of Congress. His wife, artist Jeanne Clark Meinke, has illustrated many of his books, including his children’s book, “The Elf Poem” (2015, U. of Tampa Press).