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The Florida Writer Podcast

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Aug 13, 2019

Rick Partlow is that rarest of species, a native Floridian. Born in Tampa, he attended Florida Southern College and graduated with a degree in History and a commission in the US Army as an Infantry officer. 

His lifelong love of science fiction began with Have Space Suit---Will Travel and the other Heinlein juveniles and traveled through Clifford Simak, Asimov, Clarke and on to William Gibson, Walter Jon Williams and Peter F Hamilton. And somewhere, submerged in the worlds of others, Rick began to create his own worlds.

He has written 27 books in seven different series, and his short stories have been included in ten different anthologies.
He is currently working on a series for Aethon books, a six-volume military SF saga about a mercenary unit called Wholesale Slaughter. He is also collaborating on a post-apocalyptic/mil-sf/clone series with mercs and mechs called Broken Arrow Mercenary Force with best-selling author Drew Avera.

He currently lives in central Florida with his wife, two children and a willful mutt of a dog. Besides writing and reading science fiction and fantasy, he enjoys outdoor photography, hiking and camping.

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