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The Florida Writer Podcast

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Mar 28, 2024

Meet Modello Brown! On this Florida Writer Podcast Host Alison Nissen chats with the multi-media artist as he shares the evolution of Hip Hop Littles. What started with writing lyrics, Modello Brown turned his songs into life lessons by writing children’s books. Today Modello is creating an immersive experience to build strong, emotionally resilient children.

Hip Hop Littles’ mission is to bring culture together little by little while focusing on teaching children that their support, positivity, and love for one another can bring tremendous value and success in life.  Through different life situations and lessons, learning from one another, and honoring each other's uniqueness.

Hip Hop Littles began as an invention for the music in our souls and transitioned into expression through style. This brand is for all leaders - men, women, and children of every ethnicity. These fun musical threads are not just worn as a fashion statement, but to navigate our spirits In happiness.

Modello was raised in Englewood, Chicago IL. Starting off rough in a middle-class community that’s known as one of the most unsafe areas in the city, hard times were inevitable. With a lack of diversity, crime control, and especially job opportunities, Modello had to strive to achieve the success he has today.

Having always been interested in different forms of art, including Music, Animation, Drawing, and Painting, Modello took his passion and used it to create a better future for himself.

In 2016, as an underground Hip Hop and R&B artist, Modello ignited his dreams.

With dreams in hand, it was the hard times that gave Modello the strength that paved the way. Working as an underground artist, the realization hit; music and culture stand poles apart, even though similar souls long to be unified.

While in a recording session, Modello realized the need for togetherness. Among other things, Modello believes music to be that one force strong enough to tether communities together, and thus, Hip Hop Littles was born.

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