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The Florida Writer Podcast

Welcome to The Florida Writer Podcast: A Discussion about Writing & Other Things brought to you by the Florida Writers Association. 

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Mar 28, 2024

Meet Modello Brown! On this Florida Writer Podcast Host Alison Nissen chats with the multi-media artist as he shares the evolution of Hip Hop Littles. What started with writing lyrics, Modello Brown turned his songs into life lessons by writing children’s books. Today Modello is creating an immersive experience to...

Mar 12, 2024

Enjoy this Florida Writer Podcast interview with Host Alison Nissen and Susan Shapiro Barash, who writes under the pen name Susannah Marren. Susan shared about their career as a nonfiction author, having published 13 books on gender studies and women's societal roles. They also mentioned their teaching experience in...

Mar 3, 2024

Check out this Florida Writer podcast as host Alison Nissen sits down with Zachary Solomon to discuss Zachary’s debut novel, A Brutal Design. The novel, set in an experimental Socialist city, explores the themes of fascism and how it can be disguised as modernism or humanism. The title also refers to the...