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The Florida Writer Podcast

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Sep 17, 2022

Take a cue from soap operas and reality television and "Tune in Tomorrow." Inspired by her career as a soap opera critic, Randee Dawn flips the script and puts mythical creatures in charge of the soap opera industry. Enjoy this conversation with host Alison Nissen and Randee as they chat about the value of cliffhangers, writing funny, and the importance of offering effective criticism. 

Randee Dawn is an author and journalist focusing on speculative fiction across the categories (science-fiction, fantasy and horror) at night, while writing entertainment and lifestyle stories during the day for publications including,, VarietyThe Los Angeles Times and Emmy Magazine.

You may have seen her name in other publications over the years, including Soap Opera Digest and The Boston Phoenix, E! Online, New Musical Express and Mojo. 

Her first novel, Tune In Tomorrow, will be out from Solaris/Rebellion in 2022.